Husqvarna Tiller Reviews

We love Husqvarna products. The excellent construction and great performance always make their products a solid option.

Their tillers are excellent too and feature high up on our list of the best rear tine tillers. They can be pretty pricey though and, in our opinion, the Troy-Bilt 306cc probably offers better value albeit at a higher price. 

If you’re looking to buy a tiller and you’re a die-hard Husqvarna fan then check out our Husqvarna tiller reviews below. We’ve reviewed 2 of the best Husqvarna rear tine tillers as well as 2 of the best Husqvarna front tine tillers.

Husqvarna Rear Tine Tiller Reviews

Our old favorite, the CRT900, has been discontinued but is still available from some retailers. It’s powered by the super reliable Briggs and Stratton 900 Series OVH engine.

The 17-inch tilling width means you’ll get more done with each pass without sacrificing maneuverability.

The large tires and pronounced tread make it easy to shift in spite of its hefty 212 lbs. A lot of that weight comes from the counterweight mounted up front that does a great job of keeping the tiller from bouncing around.

Even on hard ground this tiller stays firmly on the ground while the counter-rotating tines get to work.

It’ll till done to 6-inches and allows for 7 different tilling depth settings. This is a real workhorse and everything about the construction has a heavy duty feel about it.

The only thing we didn’t like is that the gear lever is pretty tough to shift. Adjusting the handlebar did make it a little easier though. It uses a chain and gear transmission and has forward, reverse and neutral gears.

The wheels are driven by the engine which makes it easy to get it back to the shed when you’re done. Simply put it into neutral, release the tine control, and walk behind it while it takes you home.

The engine is really easy to start. A single pull and it starts first time, every time. It’s a 4-stroke engine so there’s no fussing with oil / fuel mixtures and it’s CARB compliant too.

This is an awesome rear tine tiller and we’re a little sad that it’s been discontinued. Despite this, we see that some other sites continue to feature it in their rear tine tiller reviews.

Husqvarna Tiller Reviews - TR317

Our choice for best Husqvarna rear tine tiller goes to the TR317D. If you like the versatility of dual rotating tines then the TR317D is a great option. With dual rotating tines you could either have them rotate forward, for a shallower first pass, or set them to counter rotating, for deeper tilling in tough ground.

It’s powered by the Husqvarna HX208 engine which delivers plenty of power via the chain gear transmission. The 17” tines will till down to a depth of 6.5” with 7 depth adjustments. Like the CRT900L you get a forward, reverse and neutral gear with no speed variation.

This tiller is slightly lighter than the CRT900L but is equally easy to maneuver. We like that it has an easy to adjust drag bar for improved balance in different working conditions.

The 13”x5” pneumatic tires have great grippy tread and add to the ease of maneuvering this powerhouse tiller. This is a beautifully put together machine with “Made in America” quality shining through and a 3-year warranty to back it up.

Husqvarna Front Tine Tiller Reviews

Husqvarna FT900-CA Front Tine Tiller

This is one of the most powerful front tine tillers we’ve seen. If you’re giving your flower bed a once over or looking to cultivate your veggie patch before planting then this is a great choice.

It’s powered by the powerful and dependable 900 series Briggs & Stratton OVH engine and is CARB compliant.

It’s super easy to start (pull start) and the chain gear transmission gives you one forward and one reverse gear.

The gear lever is conveniently located on the handlebar and is pretty easy to shift. The handlebar is also adjustable so you can get it set to a comfortable height.

The 100 pound weight and compact size of this tiller makes it easy to maneuver and easy to store too. The adjustable drag bar is also great for tilling different terrains.

It has handles that make it simple to lift onto the back of your truck and the removable transport wheels make it easy to wheel back to the shed.

It has a tilling width of 26-inches and will till down to a depth of 6.5-inches in 6 depth adjustments. Installation is really simple and you’ll have it put together in half an hour or so.

The excellent performance and great price point would have me thinking seriously about buying this unit rather than a rear tine tiller.

It's probably the best Husqvarna front tine tiller on the market. Fair warning though, the transmission isn’t strong enough to deal with really hard ground.

Husqvarna TF224 Front Tine Tiller

This compact but powerful front tine tiller is powered by the ever dependable Husqvarna engine. You also get a forward, reverse and neutral gear for easy operation and maneuvering.

The gear shift isn’t on the handlebar so it’s not as easy to change gear as it is with the FT-900 tiller.

We really like the removable transport wheels that make it a breeze to get back to the shed.

This tiller is a good option if you’re looking for a wider tilling width than the FT-900 offers though. With this one you get a 24-inch working width with the tines tilling down to 6.5” in 6 adjustable steps.

In spite of the wide tilling width this front tine tiller is still really easy to maneuver. The performance this tiller offers is really impressive but the high price tag might make a rear tine tiller a better buy for the money.


While we are big fans of Husqvarna products we don't consider them to be the best rear tine tillers on the market. They are excellent products but for the money there are some better options about.

That being said, when you read Husqvarna tiller reviews you'll see that there are many happy customers out there. They make some great snow blowers and good commercial weed eaters too.

It might be worth checking out a second hand unit if you're trying to save a few bucks and still get a good product. If you buy one of the tillers above we're sure you'll be very happy with their performance.

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