Best Metal Garden Hose Reviews 2023

How many times have you pulled your garden house out in your yard, only for nothing to happen when you squeeze the nozzle?

It's kinked, or even worse, it's torn. It's very frustrating to constantly look for and then untangle the kinks, or find and patch the tear that caused the stoppage in your garden house. 

If you're in the market for a metal garden hose, you've made a great decision. However, there are several different metal hoses available on the market, and they aren't created equal.

This makes it difficult to know which one to buy. That's why we've put together this list of the best metal garden hose reviews so you can buy yours with confidence.

Best Metal Hose

But first, a reality check. 

Despite what any metal hose manufacturer might claim, all metal hoses will eventually leak and degrade. If you get 12 months leak free use then you’re doing well.

The inner diameter of metal hoses are also smaller than regular hoses so you won’t get the high water pressure and flow rate that your regular hose gives you.

We think the advantages outweigh the durability issues though and we’d be happy to buy a new metal hose every season or two. Here are the best metal garden hoses we could find.

Best Metal Garden Hoses

The Bionic Steel PRO Garden Hoses are constructed from a commercial-grade 304 stainless steel. This makes it extremely durable, rust-proof, and resistant to leaks.

No more punctures with this hose and even extended drags over rough surfaces won’t cause it any damage.

It's also extremely flexible and easy to maneuver, and the powerful stream and the superior 500PSI burst strength guarantees trusted performance and a long life. 

Some users have experienced drips at the connection on the supply side of the hose. We'd recommend checking this straight out of the box. If you handle the connect and disconnect the hose with a little care you should be able to avoid any leaking. We would have preferred a bit more water pressure throughput as well.

The Bionic Steel Garden Hose has been built to withstand extreme conditions, from sub-zero temperatures to being left in the unbearable heat for days. It has a stainless-steel outer layer for steady water output and will resist kinks, coil easily, and store effortlessly.

The Cesun 304 Stainless Steel Metal Garden house appeals to animal lovers because it's pet-friendly. This metal garden hose can withstand bites from even the biggest dogs. 

The nature of the Cesun 304 construction technology protects the inner tube and eliminates the risk of kinks and tangles.

This hose boasts a super-strong stainless steel shell that helps the hose stand up to anything you throw at it.

We would have preferred if the grade of stainless steel was better. We’d recommend storing it under cover if you want to keep it from developing any rust spots. 

It's fairly hardy though and it will survive being pulled through thorn bushes, nails, rocks, and rough surfaces.

We like how easy it is to hold and carry. Even a kid can handle this stainless steel garden because of its sizable gripping surface.

The Beaulife 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose is an excellent choice. It's made of premium quality, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, so you know it won't break under pressure.

The metal design also guarantees that your hose is lightweight, flexible, kink and puncture-resistant, and weatherproof.

The hose joint on this metal garden hose is reinforced so it will not break, crack, leak, or corrode. It's raised surface makes screwing easy and quick.

As with other metal hoses the connection points may end up leaking a little. They do supply two extra washers though and the hose joints seem well reinforced.

The TITAN Stainless Garden Hose is a lightweight yet durable option for gardening that will never tangle or twist.

Its flexible stainless outer casing makes it easy to maneuver, carry, and store. The 304 stainless steel outer casing is puncture-proof, bite-proof, thornproof, tear-proof, weatherproof, and UV resistant.

Out of the box it seems like it can stand up to just about anything that comes its way. The lightweight steel braiding might not be quite as durable as we’d like it to be.

The nozzle on this metal garden hose allows for quick and easy control of various flow patterns and water volume. You can adjust from a fine mist to a powerful spray in a matter of seconds.

We also like that the inner hose is lead and BPA free.

The Quality Source Products Metal Garden Hose is made of 304 stainless steel. It's a lightweight metal garden hose that will not twist, tangle, or kink.

The plastic strain relief moldings around the fittings prevent damage to the connector fittings. The connector fittings are tight and secure and some of the best available on the market, so they are less prone to leaks.

The metal casing may be hard but it looks like it might stretch out after a while if you pull on it too hard. If it does then it’ll expose the rubber hose underneath and you’ll end up with leaks.

The manufacturer claims this metal hose is thorn proof, animal-proof, and gravel-proof. Time will tell but it seems to be a decent product. The versatile sprayer that's included is a definite plus.

The VERAGREEN Stainless Steel Metal Garden Hose is made of premium 304 stainless steel.

It's super lightweight and one of the most flexible garden hoses you'll find on the market.

The 304 stainless steel is UV resistant so you can keep it in the sun without worrying about damaging it.

This stainless steel garden hose will never tangle and is easy to use, making watering your garden or washing your car a breeze. The stainless steel is strong enough to prevent damage from tears or punctures.

The nozzle it comes with is versatile but doesn’t always connect nicely. However we liked how easily it adjusts from a mist to a stream of water at full blast.

The SPECILITE Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose is made out of the 304 stainless steel, so you know it will never twist, tangle, or kink.

It's lightweight, durable design also ensures that it can be stored easily. This metal garden hose comes with a rubber gasket on each end that provides a tight seal to prevent the hose from leaking.

We would have preferred a larger inner diameter hose because the water pressure wasn’t really high.

Included with this stainless steel garden hose is a spray nozzle with eight watering settings, including shower, cone, jet, soaker, angle, mist, ½ vert, center, and full.

Simply rotate the bezel to switch to the function you need and water your garden with ease.

The Greenbest Lightweight 304 Stainless Steel Garden Hose is another excellent choice.

This metal garden hose has an interior hose made out of rubber that is wrapped in an outer housing of 304 stainless steel.

It can withstand up to 130Psi high pressure, and it's very light compared to its big rubber counterparts. It's also more durable because of the stainless steel housing.

That stronger housing also gives it a longer life expectancy than your average rubber hose.

It's also resistant to those pesky rodents that can sometimes be found roaming your garden. The stainless steel garden hose is tangle-free and kink proof by design.

The BOSNELL Metal Garden Hose is a well constructed metal garden hose that won't be ruined by your dog or thorns and gravel.

It's made from quality 304 stainless steel, so it's resistant to tears, punctures, corrosion, damage from the sun, and animal bites.

It's lightweight and flexible, so it is easy to maneuver around your yard, and it won't kink easily.

The BOSNELL stainless garden house comes with adapters, so it is compatible with all standard taps and fittings.

We've saved the best for last; this is our favorite hose on the list. The Forever Steel Hose is currently the best performing and one of the most popular metal garden hoses.

Using the term “forever” in the name is stretching the truth but it does seem to be well made. There are also a few other reasons why this is our top choice.

The Forever Steel Hose is made of stainless steel that contains nickel and chromium that give it its corrosion-resistant properties.

When you aren't using the metal hose, it coils easily and can be stored away until you need it again. It's kink proof so it won't unexpectedly kink, puncture, tear, crack, or rust, and it's always ready to go when you need it.

One of the things we really liked about this metal garden hose is that it is always cool to the touch even after lying in the hot sun all day.

The inner diameter is only ¼” so the flow rate is a bit low but these kinds of hoses are really best used for watering your flower beds anyway and now power washing your car.

Several online reviews have mentioned that the Forever Steel Hose leaks after a short period and that the nozzle opening isn't as big as advertised.

However, these appear to be isolated incidents, and the majority of customers are delighted with this hose.

Metal Garden Hose Buyers Guide 

Our First Thoughts

If you've been looking for a garden hose that will be hard to puncture and isn't going to kink, a stainless steel garden hose is it.

Metal garden hoses are the first garden hoses that won't puncture easily and start leaking. While almost any hose can kink under the right circumstances, you're going to have a hard time kinking a stainless garden hose.

Metal garden hoses are made with 304 stainless steel and are very lightweight. The metal exterior is designed to make the hose more durable, and because of that durability, it's almost impossible to rip, tear, or puncture a metal garden hose.

This means it's far more likely to survive accidental contact with your string trimmer.

A great thing about this kind of steel is that it's very lightweight, robust, flexible, and weather-resistant to direct sunlight, snow, etc. They can stand up to just about anything you throw at them.

Are They As Tough As Steel?

These hoses are, without a doubt, much harder to damage or puncture than your standard rubber hose. The inside of the metal garden hose is a little more vulnerable because it is rubber.

Still, the exterior metal housing will protect the inner rubber tubing to some degree.

Nothing is invincible, and there are still a few things you shouldn't do to your metal garden hose to ensure its longevity, but most of those things are common sense.

You should still take care of it like you would a rubber hose and hang it up for safe storage when you aren't using it.


The metal garden hose is made of high-grade stainless steel that does the job of protecting the inner tube from tears and punctures.

The inside is typically made of latex, rubber, or similar materials that won't harm your plants.

Some metal hoses are even safe enough to drink from. There are no inherent risks to using a metal hose that wouldn't be there if you used another hose.

Still, it would be good to look out for hoses that use lead free and BPA free inner tubes.

Size (Length and Diameter)

You can buy stainless steel garden hoses in a variety of different lengths. If you need a really long hose, you can typically connect multiple hoses to create the range you need.

Most, if not all, of the hoses on this list will allow you to do that. This is beneficial when you sometimes need a longer hose but don't want to carry around an extra-long hose all the time.

However, buying several hoses can add up very fast, so it's important to consider your needs before you start buying hoses. It's always better to have a hose that is just a little too long instead of a bit too short.

The diameter of the hose can vary just as much as the length of the hose. The wider the diameter, the higher the flow rate will be.

If you're looking for a powerful garden hose to clean cars and the like, make sure the diameter of your hose is big enough to support it.


Although some of the hoses we walked about above come with a nozzle, there's a good chance you will want an attachment for the end of your hose so you can change the pray the water produces.

The fittings your hose will be compatible with will vary between suppliers, so pay attention to that before you make a purchase. Most metal hoses will fit almost all universal attachments, and some even come with their attachments to save you time and money.

Brass fittings are the most popular because they don't get stuck when they get wet. Aluminum is a little stronger, but it's more difficult to unscrew without the use of garden tools.

Metal Hose vs. Expandable Hose

As the name suggests, an expandable hose is a garden hose that expands up to three times its original length when water pressure is on, and contracts to its original length when it's off.

This flexibility allows the expandable hose to be self-draining, non-kinking, non-twisting, and non-tangling garden hose. 

Similar to a metal garden hose, expandable garden hoses pride themselves on being kink and twist free hoses. Their primary and most obvious difference is that expandable hoses are typically made from a material like polyester, while a metal garden hose is made of stainless steel.

While an expandable hose might not kink, if you're looking for a hose that will last you a long time, is easy to store and maneuver, a metal garden hose is your best option.

With a good metal garden hose, you won't have to worry about problems with kinking or punctures. Good stainless steel garden hoses make kinks and leaks a thing of the past.

Stainless steel is highly durable and won't tangle, kink, or leak, so you will always have a steady flow from your hose whenever you need it.

Standard hoses just aren't built to withstand the harsh conditions that a stainless steel garden hose is. So, while you're reaching to fix a kink or patch a leak on your standard garden hose, you've already begun work with your metal garden hose.

Metal garden hoses are also less sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you forget to bring it inside before a snowstorm, or you leave it out in the intense summer heat, you won't have to worry about fixing it or replacing it before you can use it again.

Your stainless steel garden hose is also very easy to store because they coil up conveniently, and although they are much more durable than standard hoses, they aren't much heavier.


If you're in the market for a new metal garden hose, these are the ten best available. Steel garden hoses are some of the most reliable and easy to use hoses we've experienced.

If you need a durable garden hose, we can't recommend these enough. Although many online reviews do mention leaking as an issue, on the whole, customers are generally happy with their stainless garden hose and end up purchasing multiple hoses.

The great thing is the technology behind metal garden hoses will only continue to improve. By this time next year, the hoses will likely be more advanced and affordable.

If you need a garden hose that can survive a dog bite, thorn bushes, or a gravel driveway, you've finally found it.

Even the best metal hose will eventually leak though and the flow rate will be less than you’re used to.

If you want a hose that doesn’t kink and is easy to move around the yard then this is as good as it gets. Lower your durability expectations, give it a shot and see if it's the hose for you.

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