Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower [2023 Buyer Guide]

Do you enjoy mowing the lawn? A lot of people don't but I actually like it. I get some of my best thinking done while mowing. Using an under powered or noisy lawn mower does kind of break my zen mood though.

Using a really good corded electric mower is my go-to option when my grass gets a little long. Gas-powered lawn mowers are great if you’re after sheer power, but not everyone needs the power of a gas mower.

If you’re looking for a quieter, more environmentally friendly option then buy a corded electric lawn mower.

We’ve reviewed ten of the best corded electric lawn mower models that will get the job done while protecting your ears and the environment.
Best corded electric lawn mower

Top 10 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

After checking out ten of the best corded electric mowers on the market, this one is our favorite. To be honest, it's pretty much a dead heat between our top 3 mowers we've reviewed.

The Earthwise 50520 Corded Electric Mower is everything you need in a mower. It makes an excellent backup mower for all those times your gas-powered mower is broken down or out of gas. 

It has solid construction, and even the plastic parts feel tough. With a small lawn, this is the only mower you will need.

We love the wide 20" cutting width and simple height adjustment. You can set the cutting height anywhere from 1.75" to 4" which is one of the wider ranges we've seen. 

The best thing about this mower is how lightweight and maneuverable it is. Because it’s so easy to move around so it’s easily the best lawn mower for senior citizens to mow their yards. 

It does slow up a little in taller grass, but so do most gas mowers. Also, the blade seems to dent and dull if you hit anything hard. This won't present much of a problem for you if you keep your lawn clear of debris before mowing.

It mulches really well. This makes it ideal for people who are looking to mulch their leaves in the fall. The 3-in-1 rear bag, discharge and mulching system works well too. It's really simple to take off and put back on again.

For a corded electric mower, the Earthwise 50520 packs all the power you need in a well constructed, durable mower. With great all round performance and fair value price point this is the best electric mower for the money

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Wide cutting width - 20"
  • Wide height adjustment range

The Greenworks 20-inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is easy to assemble and extremely lightweight.

Just flip the handle up, put in the two bolts that join the handles together, and its assembled. It starts right up with the push of a button and is very easy to push. 

The construction is impressive, and it feels like this mower will last a very long time. This Greenworks 20-Inch mower comes with a range of height settings, and it lets you mulch or bag the clippings. 

A neat thing about this mower is the clip that secures the extension cord, so you don't have to unplug the mower while you mow. This is one of the quietest lawn mowers and it runs smooth. Even though it’s electric powered it’ll mow your thick lawn with no issues. 

The one issue it does have is with the mulching mode. It tends to clog while in mulching mode. This isn't an issue for if your lawn is on the smaller side because you can just use the bag. 

It doesn't have a side discharge option, so you either use the bag or mulch. Storing this mower is very easy because you don't have to winterize it or worry about gas in the carburetor during storage.

Overall an excellent lawn mower that will rival even the gas-powered push mowers.

What We Like:

  • Runs very smooth
  • Extension cord clip
  • Quiet

The Sun Joe Mow Joe Corded Electric Lawn Mower is powerful. It's a little noisy, but nothing compared to the noise from a gas mower.

You have to press a safety button before closing the starting bail to run the engine, so it can't be accidentally started. That's great if you don’t want your kids to start it by accident. 

The grass catcher doesn’t always stay attached as well as it should. As long as you mow at a good pace and don't try to go too fast, the clippings will go right into the bag though. 

This mower cuts clean and doesn't leave anything behind. We have to mow multiple times a week where we live, and I am confident that this mower would keep up with no problem. 

The Sun Joe Mow Joe is also easy to transport and store. With just one hand you can fold the handles and lift it into your shed. Very light but a powerful mower.

What We Like:

  • Easy to transport
  • Safety Button

The first thing you notice about the Greenworks 21-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower is how easy it is to assemble. Just unfold the handle, tighten the bolts, and you're good to go. 

You won't even need the manual to figure out how to get this operational. It starts up easily and is extremely lightweight when you start moving it around. 

You can use this mower on high grass and wet grass without issues. It’s better not to use it on wet grass too often though because the wet grass tends to stick to the underside and the deck. Just be sure to clean the deck immediately after using it.

The 21-inch cutting width is ideal for a push mower if you've got a big yard. It's easy to maneuver though so it works well in smaller yards too. It has a surprising amount of power and we recommend pairing it with a 12 gauge electric cord. 

The bolts used to put it together aren’t always tightened up properly straight out of the box. We recommend giving them all a quick tightening before heading of to your lawn for the first time.

What We Like:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful
  • Wide 21-inch cutting deck

The BLACK+DECKER MM2000 Corded Electric Mower is a great corded option instead of dealing with degrading batteries or gas engines. It isn't as quiet as some of the other corded mowers we've used. But, it's still considerably quieter than a gas mower. 

We like that it comes with a hook, so the power cord doesn't disconnect easily when you're using it. Having the cord disconnect is one of the most frustrating things about corded mowers. But, this feature makes it better. 

This Black and Decker folds nicely and can be stored easily. It won't take up a lot of room in your garage. 

The bag is a little fiddly though. It tends to let some grass get away and is prone to falling off when moving the mower backwards. The mulching feature works great and helps keep your grass green all year long.

The blade also gets very low if you want to cut close to the ground. Overall, this is a reliable mower.

What We Like:

  • Blade gets close to the ground
  • Folds nicely
  • Hook for the cord

The Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric mower is impressive right out of the box. It allows you to mulch your grass or use the bag to catch all of the clippings, keeping your yard clean. 

This mower folds up very quickly, and it's pretty light, so you can store it away anywhere you need to. The level adjustment is a little tricky when you’re trying to raise and lower the mower. The operation could be a bit smoother. 

The 10 AMP doesn't feel as powerful as some of the other mowers we reviewed but it still does the job. 

We really like that the mower increases its power output when the motor is under an increased load. That makes it easier to cut through the tall grass. 

The bag fills up fast, so you have to empty it often if you have a bigger yard. Not a huge issue. We also love the plastic flap that keeps rocks, grass, and dirt from kicking up onto when you’re mowing.

What We Like:

  • Increased power when needed
  • Plastic guard
  • Easy to store

The Sun Joe 14 Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Mower is very easy to get started with. All you have to do is attach the handle and the grass bag, and you're good to go.

This Sun Joe will handle everything you throw at it like a champ. You’ll rarely have to go over any areas twice, and the debris in the yard won't make a noticeable difference in performance.

The mower is small, but it is lightweight and fast. It's easy to push, so it doesn't wear you out. 

The mower bag seems to be a little fragile, especially if you don't empty it often enough. If you empty it regularly, though, this shouldn't be an issue. 

If you don't want to use the bag, the Sun Joe does have an optional side chute so you can let the grass scatter over your yard. 

The cutting path isn't as wide as some of the other mowers reviewed here but since it's so easy to use that’s not a deal breaker.

The mower is reasonably quiet too. It puts out around the same amount of noise as a large electric fan. Folks inside the house won’t even know you’re mowing.

What We Like:

  • Quiet
  • Optional side chute

The Black+Decker 15 inch Corded Electric Mower is a nice mower for small yards. Putting it together was effortless, and if you have ever used a vacuum, you will be able to use this mower. 

Keep in mind that this mower doesn't come with a cord, so you will have to use your own. Not a big deal for us because we have plenty. 

The mower is a little heavier than some of the others but it’s still reasonably lightweight. If you can convince your wife to mow the lawn or if Grandad wants to give it a go they won’t have any trouble with it. 

There's no cutting on the front edge of the mower, but that wasn't a deal-breaker for us. The entire yard still gets cut after a few passes anyway. Thicker grass will slow it down a little. 

Even still, it handles most of the yard like a pro. If your yard has a bit of debris, the Black+Decker will mow over it with ease. This is an all-around good mower.

What We Like:

  • Very easy to use
  • Clean cut

This is the cheapest corded electric mower we've reviewed. It does everything you need it to. At this low price you really couldn't ask for more. Assembly takes 2 or 3 minutes and it’s easy to get started right away.

The 11-Amp motor isn't the most powerful we've seen but it's fine for most types of grass. The mower gets really close to the ground giving you a low cut making our lawn look neater.

The 14" cutting width can be raised or lowered from 1" to 2.5" with the easy to use 5 position heigh adjustment.

The dual discharge and mulching system is convenient but the 9.25 gallon grass bag fills up quite quickly. It has a grass level indicator to let you know when it's full.

This mower is light, agile, and perfect for smaller yards. The adjustable handles give you plenty of options for mowing positions. They are removable too for easy storage.

The lightweight materials it's made of make it extremely easy to maneuver. It's not the most durable mower though so be careful not to bang it around or mow over larger pebbles.

What We Like:

  • 2-in-1 mulching / discharge system
  • Really lightweight and maneuverable
  • Low price tag

The Earthwise 14-Inch 8-Amp Corded Mower is light enough to control with one hand. Even though it only has an 8-Amp motor it still performs really well light to medium grass thickness. 

There's absolutely no maintenance required for this mower, so it can be folded up and put away until you need it again with no worries. 

The Earthwise started right up every time. I just love that there's no cord yanking required. The quiet operation and ease of use will have you reaching for this mower far more often than your gas mower. 

The comfort grip V-handle is great for reducing fatigue. The height adjustment (1.5” to 4”) is also easy to use.

The deck on this mower is a little on the small side but it’s a solid mower overall.

What We Like:

  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight
  • 2 year warranty

Corded Electric Lawn Mower Buyers Guide 

If you've never used a corded electric lawn mower, choosing the one that is right for you can be a little confusing. They are drastically different from your typical gas-powered push mower as well as battery-powered push mowers. 

Knowing what you need to look out for to make the best buying decision is critical. In the buying guide, we'll go over the most important things you need to know.

Corded Electric vs. Gas Powered

When it comes to raw power, gas-powered will always win over corded electric. That doesn't mean that a corded electric won't be powerful enough for you, though. 

The power of gas mowers also comes with certain drawbacks. Things like excessive noise and high maintenance costs and environmental concerns. You have to replace spark plugs, clean the air filters, check the oil, and keep them filled with gas.

Corded electric mowers are also much more environmentally friendly than their gas-powered cousins. If you care about the environment, and in some cases, your lungs, corded electric mowers are the way to go.

Corded Electric vs. Battery Powered Mower

Instead of gas or a power cord, battery-powered push mowers run on batteries. Many people like battery-powered mowers because there is no cord to deal with and no noise from a gas engine. 

But, the batteries do present some disadvantages.

Firstly, you can only mow as long as the battery stays charged. If your cordless mower comes with a small battery, you have to realize it isn't going to last long. 

And if you opt for a bigger battery, it adds weight to the mower, making it harder to handle.

No matter what the size of it is, you will always need to be sure to charge it so you can mow your lawn.

Power output is an issue too. We've seen some really good commercial string trimmers that are battery powered but a weed eater head is a lot easier to spin. Turning a mower blade calls for a lot more power and batteries aren't always up for it.

And when the battery dies completely, the battery will need to be replaced. Even the best cordless weed eaters will eventually need their batteries replaced.

Choosing Your Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Electric corded lawn mower

Mower Size

The size mower you need depends mostly on the size of your lawn. If you have a small lawn, a 14-inch deck will be enough. A wider deck allows for a larger cutting area and less passes to get the job done.

While bigger yards will need a larger deck the smaller your mower is, the lighter and easier to push it will be. So if you want an easy to use mower consider sacrificing some size.


Corded electric mowers aren't graded with horsepower. Instead, they are graded based on their current draw in Ampere or Amps.

As a general rule, the higher the Amp rating of the motor, the more power the mower will have. Most corded electric lawn mowers range from 10A to 13A, but some are higher.

For big yards with thick grass, you'll need a mower with higher amps to deliver more torque to the blade.

But if you have a small yard with thinner, shorter grass then it will be a waste of money buying a higher amp rated mower.

Lawn Size

Corded electric mowers are perfect for people with small to mid-sized lawns. There are even corded mowers available that can cut up to an acre of land.

The "shape" of your lawn also makes a difference. If your lawn has a lot of slopes, holes, bumps, and debris, you need a mower with higher amps to make it over any bumps and debris without getting the blade stuck.

Grass Clippings

Another important thing to consider is what you want to happen to your grass after it's cut. Corded electric mowers typically have three options: mulch, bag, or a chute. Some mowers will have all three options, and others will just have one or two.

With a bag, all of your grass is deposited into the bag, so you have to empty it as you go. 

With mulching, your grass will be shredded into finer grass clippings and applied to your grass to act as fertilizer.

And with the chute, your grass is just scattered around your yard.


If you're looking for a low maintenance machine, corded electric mowers are the way to go.

You won't have to worry about changing spark plugs, changing the oil, cleaning and replacing air filters, and filling it up with gas before you can use it. 

Because electric lawn mowers are a lot lighter than a gas mower you also won't need a lawn mower lift.

And when it needs to be stored, you just fold it up and put it away.

The only real maintenance you have to worry about is sharpening and replacing your blades. 

Corded electric mowers are even lower maintenance than battery-powered mowers because you don't have to maintain/charge/replace any batteries. 

The Power Extension Cord

With any corded electric lawn mower, you need to be sure you have the right power cord. Different extension cords have different gauges, so you need to be sure your cord is what your lawn mower needs.

The gauge of the cord depends on the amount of Amps that the motor draws as well as the length of the cord. 

Check with the manufacturer what length and gauge extension cord they recommend. Be sure not to overlook this. Using the wrong cord for your mower can fry the engine, making it unusable and voiding the warranty in most instances.


The best corded electric mowers will cost a little more but it’s worth the extra dollars. These are very low maintenance, really quiet and environmentally friendly.

Even the more expensive mowers are still much more affordable than their gas-powered counterparts. They will never match the power of a gas mower, but that power is often not needed. 

Learning to mow with an extension cord will be an adjustment, but after a few uses, you'll get the hang of it.

If you own a small to medium-sized yard, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a corded electric lawn mower. They won't burn a hole in your wallet when you purchase it or to keep it maintained.

Even the best corded electric lawn mower won't outperform a gas mower. However, there are other advantages that do make them a great choice. Overall, these mowers are low cost, low risk, high reward. They are an excellent option for taking care of your yard.

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