Best Commercial Weed Eater Reviews For 2023

Want the best commercial weed eater? Whether you’re a commercial landscaper or have a large yard with some thick weeds these top rated commercial string trimmers will make a huge difference to how much effort your gardening takes.

But what is the best weed eater for the money on the market today? We've put together some weed eater reviews to help you choose the best commercial string trimmer.

Best Commercial Weed Eater

But first...Is it really a commercial weed eater? And does it matter?

Don't fall for the marketing hype. The term “commercial grade weed eater” is used a little too freely by some manufacturers.

Just because they say that it’s a commercial weed wacker doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best weed eater for the job.

And even if the manufacturer doesn't label it for commercial use that doesn't mean it isn't a great option for your needs.

Why does this matter?

The best commercial string trimmer needs to be durable enough to run for hours each day, powerful enough to handle the toughest and thickest weeds and comfortable to use for extended periods.

And it needs to be able to do all of this day after day without breaking. That's where the warranty issue kicks in.

If you're going to use your weed eater for commercial use then read the warranty fine print. Most commercial string trimmers will have a residential warranty period and a commercial warranty period. 

The warranty period for commercial use is usually less than half the residential one.

We’ve put together some commercial weed eater reviews and have narrowed it down to these 5 best commercial weed trimmers.

Some of these don't carry the "commercial use" label but we feel they should.

Before we get to the reviews here's a quick overview of the best commercial string trimmers in our list.

Best Commercial Weed Eater 2020 Comparison Table

Top Rated Commercial Weed Eater Reviews

What is the best commercial weed eater? Here are our weed wacker reviews of the top 5 best commercial grade weed eater options.

Our winner for best commercial string trimmer 2020 goes to Husqvarna. If you love the raw power of 2-stroke trimmers but don’t like the hassle of mixing oil and fuel then this unit from Husqavarna is a good bet. Weed wacker reviews the world over agree that this is one solid product.

People assume that to be a commercial string trimmer that it needs to be powered by a 2-stroke engine. That's simply not true anymore.

The 4-stroke 25cc engine that powers this model has more than enough power to keep the commercial landscaper happy giving you 7000rpm at maximum speed.

After experiencing the power this unit has you won’t miss your old 2-stroke at all.

It has a simple to use air purge that gets rid of the air in the carburettor and fuel system so that it’s easy to start. This really was one of the easiest pull starts we’ve experienced.

The loop handle is well positioned and the weight is evenly distributed for long term comfortable use which is precisely what you want from the best commercial weed wacker.

It’s got a heavy duty twin line cutting system with Tap ‘n Go which made it quick and easy to get the line feed going.

We really liked the fact that it had very good fuel efficiency and it put out far lower emissions than a 2-stroke unit. After an hour of use we still had gas in the tank which is good going for a commercial weed eater.

It doesn’t accommodate any aftermarket attachments but if you want one of the best commercial weed eaters then this unit is right up there.

It's the best 4 stroke weed eater we've seen and it's not surprising that this trimmer keeps featuring in 4 cycle weed eater reviews.

How did they make it so light? Husqvarna have somehow produced a 28cc string trimmer that has serious power but only weighs 11 lbs.

The 2-stroke engine gives you loads of power and makes it feel like one of the best commercial string trimmer options we've seen.

They’ve got the weight distribution just right so that it feels a lot lighter than it actually is.

The SmartStart technology reduces the starter cord resistance by 40% so getting it powered up is really easy.

It employs a 2-string head with tap advance and an easy to reload spool. The spool is a lot less likely to tangle and weld due to the clever split spool design.

Being 2-stroke you’re going to need to feed it with a fuel / oil mix. We’d advise buying the premixed fuel from Husqvarna. It’s more expensive but it’s far less hassle and will help extend the life of your trimmer’s engine.

Straight out of the box it does tend to run a little lean so you may need to adjust the carb a little.

Once you’ve taken the time to get it all assembled though you’ll have a mean weed eater that chews up everything in sight.

It delivers a solid performance and you'll find this product listed in many professional weed eater reviews.

At 26.9cc this 2-cycle gas unit is one of the most powerful and durable industrial weed wackers for the money.

Tanaka is a brand within the Hitachi Power Tool Group with a long history of producing high quality products. Every component of this trimmer has a commercial grade,  "built-to-last" look and feel about it.

The component that really sets it apart is its aluminum clutch housing which has been designed for maximum reliability.

The splined solid steel shaft is designed for maximum comfort and reduced vibration.

Changing cutting attachments is a breeze due to the built-in spindle lock. These 2 features are some of the main reasons that make it the best straight shaft weed eater we've ever reviewed.

I didn’t like that it doesn’t come supplied with a harness but the front and rear padded handles are perfectly positioned for comfortable, long term use.

While some 2-cycle string trimmers can be difficult to start, the S-Start technology makes this trimmer a breeze to get going.

If you’re looking for a commercial weed eater with fast throttle response, durability and powerful performance then this is a great option.

The TCG24EBDP model is also worth  considering. You get the same power power but the split shaft can be extended and you can use it as a hedge trimmer or pole saw with an assortment of atachments.

The Tanaka weed eater comes with a 2-year commercial use warranty that can be extended at purchase.

After all our weed eater reviews we found that this is easily the best weed eater for the money.

Spending hours hanging onto a heavy, vibrating weed eater isn’t our idea of fun. Hitachi have designed this 2-stroke string trimmer to provide the best compromise between power and long term use.

The 22.5cc engine is a little smaller than other products but it is a beast! Being a 2-stroke engine, it packs a punch and outperformed a number of the 25cc trimmers we’d used before.

Hitachi has also managed to make it meet emission level requirements without sacrificing power.

The anti-vibration system that they’ve incorporated makes it feel really stable even when at maximum revs.

And, wow, this thing is light. At only 10.3 lbs (without fuel)  this is the unit we’d want to use if we were planning on a few hours of weed wacking.

The recoil start is a pleasure to use. The S-Start starts super easily after priming. We like the length of the shaft too. At just under 70" you reach the spots you want without having to bend at all. 

Every component on this trimmer has a commercial grade look and feel about it. Hitachi don't differentiate between a commercial use and residential use warranty on this product. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

We love American made garden equipment and Echo is one of our favorite brands. The SRM-225 is one of the better commercial string trimmers they produce.

The 2-stroke gas engine has a modest 21.2cc capacity but it delivers plenty of power

The shaft length is 59" long and the anti-vibration design means you get hours of comfortable use without the fatigue. It's super light too at a shade over 11-pounds. 

You may have noticed that Echo also offer the SRM-225i for about $40 more. The only real differences we could see are that it uses a slightly better air filter and the starting system is a little different

The SRM-225 uses the i-30 starting system while the SRM-225i uses the i-75 starting sytem. The "30" and "75" refer to the percentage of reduced pulling effort required to start the engine.

They both start really easily so we'd recommend saving a few bucks and going for the SRM-225 standard version. Both come with a 5 year residential and 2 year commercial use warranty.

This may be the best commercial weed wacker made in the USA at this price point. Give your lawn a trim with this and then clean up with a good lawn sweeper.

Who Makes The Best Commercial Weed Eater? - Top Weed Eater Brands

If you want the best weed eater then these weed eater brands are the place to look. These manufacturers will produce cheap string trimmers as well for home gardeners so make sure you look at their heavy duty weed eaters when looking through their range.

Husqvarna are a Swedish company with a great reputation for producing good quality power tools. While they are Swedish many of their products, including top commercial weed eaters, are made in the USA.

That being said, they do also have some of their trimmers made in China now. Either way, the quality of their products are built into the design and they have excellent local support to service the warranties on their products. Buy the extended warranty.

If you buy the Husqvarna units along with 3 x 32 ounce cans of Husqvarna pre-mix fuel and register your product online then they will automatically extend your warranty from 2 to 4 years. They also make some of the best rear tine tiller machines as well.

Tanaka is not a company in its own right but is actually a brand within the Hitachi Power Tool Group. Hitachi is a Japanese company with a long history and they’ve built up a good reputation for making solid power tools.

If you're looking to buy the best professional weed trimmer then something from the Husqvarna range is usually a solid choice.

Echo have a great range of commercial grade trimmers and produce a lot of their products in the USA. With their trimmers they've focused purely on gas powered trimmers aimed at the higher end consumer. They make a range of other garden power equipment too.

Core Outdoor Power is an American company based in Montana. They’ve focused on using clever electric motor technology to produce high power gasless power products like commercial weed wackers.

Their design and manufacturing is done in the USA which makes it easier to get decent product support.

Stihl is a German manufacturer of a range of power tools, many of which are focused on garden and yard applications. They are probably best known for their chainsaws but also make some of the best commercial weed wackers.

Typically they only sell their string trimmers via their own outlets so it's difficult, if not impossible, to find a reputable online store selling Stihl weed wackers.

Commercial String Trimmer Buying Guide

If you browse the weed wacker options at your local gardening store you’ll see that string trimmers come in either Gas, corded electric, or battery powered.

For the most part, the electric or battery trimmers just don’t cut it, if you’ll excuse the pun, when it comes to commercial type applications. Unless you're just looking to get rid of Dandelions

If you’re looking for the best commercial string trimmer then it’s got to be gas.

Professional weed eater reviews differ on which is really the best but a lot of the decision comes down to personal preference.

Gas powered weed trimmers are powered by engines that are either 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. These are also referred to as 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines.

A gas engine that is properly maintained should last you around 10 years. If you’re going gas then get one with exhaust deflectors that exhaust out the back instead of out the side. Your lungs will be far happier.

It sounds like a small thing but getting a unit that has a translucent tank will make it easier for you to see when the gas is running low. Regardless of your choice, regular weed eater maintenance is essential.

2-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers

Ask any professional landscaper "What is the best gas weed wacker?" and he'll inevitably point you in the direction of a 2-cycle weed eater. The 2-cycle string trimmers have the most power for their engine size.

The drawback is that they can be a little more difficult to start and they are noisier than their 4-cycle counterparts. Because of this, many of the reputable weed eater brands that produce 2-cycle gas weed eaters have developed clever fast start technologies that make it easier to start than it used to be.

These 2-cycle engines run on a mix of oil and gas and the ratio required varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can either mix the oil and gas yourself according to the ratio in your user manual or you can buy a premixed mixture.

The oil and gas premix option is more expensive overall but at least you know the ratio is spot on and you don't have to fuss with trying to get all the measurements right yourself.

The 2-cycle engines also tend to pollute more than the 4-cycle engines as they have higher emissions due to the oil being in the fuel mixture. This means that in some states, like California, you won't be allowed to use certain 2-cycle gas string trimmers.

The better quality 2-cycle commercial string trimmers have been designed to have lower emissions so that they meet most states' requirements.

4-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers

While 4-cycle weed wackers have less power than the same sized professional 2-cycle units this doesn’t mean that they’re not up to commercial use.

I normally prefer a top rated 4-cycle unit because of the ease of starting, quieter operation and the fact that it gives off less fumes.

Also, with a 4-cycle weed trimmer you can run it off pure gas so there’s no need to mess around with mixing oil and gas before using it.

As more and more states tighten up on their emissions regulation there has been a shift to 4-cycle gas string trimmers. For commercial use this has pushed manufacturers to improve their designs so that the 4-cycle trimmers end up with similar power output for the same size engine.

Battery Powered Commercial Weed Eater

Ok, so I did say that it’s not worth looking at battery powered options for commercial use but that’s not exactly true.

As battery power improves there are a few models that are now available that could be used in commercial applications.

The best battery powered weed eater options now come with really powerful DC motors that develop similar torque to what you get from a 2-cycle string trimmer without any of the engine noise, fume emissions and gas bill.

If you’re going to go for a battery powered option then make sure that you get one with a battery that will last around an hour. Make sure you get a spare battery as well as a fast charger so that you can do a quick changeover between jobs.

You can have your spare battery charging from your cigarette lighter outlet in your truck while you get to work using the other battery in the weed eater.

Commercial weed eater maintenance

Some simple routine maintenance will extend the life of your weed eater way beyond your warranty period. Even the best commercial trimmer is going to need some maintenance.

Changing your spark plugs every 2 to 3 years and giving all moving parts a bit of oil will go a long way to preventing any breakdowns.

It's also a good idea to remove the fuel and run the tank dry at the end of the season.

If you are running a 2-cycle trimmer then make sure you check your owner’s manual to get the correct oil / gas mixing ratio.

You can buy premixed fuel for 2-stroke string trimmers from the manufacturer. This normally costs a little more but it’ll prolong the life of your engine and you won’t end up clogging your fuel lines by accidentally adding too much oil.

When you're using top rated commercial weed eaters it's worth spending a little more time and money on regular maintenance and quality fuel.


Make sure that the weed eater you buy comes with a harness or has fixing points where you can attach one. A double harness is a far more comfortable option to get if you can.

You get some aftermarket options that will fit most weed eater models so there's no need to spend a lot of money buying the purpose made harness for your weed eater model if there's a cheaper one available.

Commercial Weed Eater Shaft options - Straight or Curved?

Straight shaft units are usually more expensive and have a longer reach and these are the kind that you'll normally find on a professional weed eater.

A straight shaft is especially a good option for taller people because you don’t have to bend down to get the trimmer head to the ground section where you’re cutting.

The straight shaft also means that the spot where the trimmer is kicking up debris is further away from you which is always a plus.

String trimmers can cause quite a bit of vibration and the longer the shaft, the more you're going to feel that vibration.

If you're particularly sensitive to this then make sure you get a weed eater with anti-vibration design elements built into the head and shaft.

A longer shaft does make it a little trickier to store though. A smaller weed eater will fit nicely in an outdoor bicycle shed or a portable garage

Cutting path

Make sure you get a trimmer with a big enough cutting path. If you get a unit with a cutting swath less than about 17-inches then it’s going to take you ages to work your way through a big section of lawn.

Just watch out where you swing that cutting head. Your regular garden hose might survive contact with the trimmer but even the best expandable hose will be destroyed by the trimmer line. Even your metal hose might not fair much better.

Commercial Weed Eater Engine size

Typically the commercial grade gas weed eaters will have engines in the 20 to 25cc range.

The engine capacity can be a little misleading if you’re only looking at this figure for power comparisons. Make sure you check out the top speed (in rpm) as well as torque comparisons.

Besides the engine size, these performance areas are affected by the quality of the drive and clutch arrangement that connects the engine to the trimmer head.

Also, remember that a 2-cycle gas trimmer will output more power than a 4-cycle gas trimmer will for the same engine size.

If you're going to be using your corded electric lawn mower to cut most of the lawn then you could get away with a smaller engine size.

Commercial Trimmer String

Get the best quality string for your trimmer. Cheaper string will melt or wear away too quickly. Get the right thickness string.

Too thin and your cutting power will be reduced. If the string is too thick then you will put strain on the motor. Check you user manual for the optimum thickness.

Bump feed line advance

You don’t want to be fiddling with the trimmer head every few minutes to advance the feed of the line.

Get a trimmer that has a bump feed advance head. Some people also call it a bump ‘n go type line feed.


Buying the best commercial grade weed eater is not a cheap exercise. Resist the temptation to buy one of the cheap weed wackers thinking that it’ll probably get the job done. It won’t.

Even if it does manage to cut through most of what you’re tackling it’s going to be pretty slow going. Also, using an under powered trimmer for commercial type use is going to need replacing sooner rather than later.

The best weed eater may cost a little more but it's going to last a lot longer. The professional units we reviewed above are some of the best commercial weed eater products for the money. Grab any one of them and you won’t be sorry.

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