Best Outdoor Bicycle Storage Shed

If you own a bike you know how important it is to keep it safe. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep their bike tucked away safely in their home or in a garage. That's why you need an outdoor bike shed

Maybe you own too many bicycles, and you don't have the room. Maybe you just don't have room inside your house for even one bike and you don't have a garage. 

Whatever the reason, an outdoor bike shed will keep your bicycles safe and out of the weather. Let's take a quick look at the ten best outdoor bike storage sheds.

Top 10 Outdoor Bicycle Storage Sheds

Best Outdoor Bicycle Storage Sheds Reviews

This is our favorite bicycle storage shed. This KETER Outdoor Shed will make for a great outdoor bike storage solution.

At just over 131 cubic feet it offers plenty of storage space. The 6x8 is a good option too if you need a bit more space.

Construction isn't too hard but you'll need to allow yourself some time to put this shed together. You'll need at least two to three hours. And, that's just for the shed, don't forget about the base. 

The material may seem a little flimsy at first, but once it's put together, it's as solid as any other shed.

The assembly is straightforward, especially if you follow along with the illustrated instructions. Getting the roof attached is the hardest part, and you might need a second person to help you get it together.

The shed is sturdy but lightweight. You might need to secure it to the ground, especially if you live in a hurricane area.

This KETER shed holds up to rain pretty well, though. One of the major benefits of using the Keter Manor Garden Storage Shed is that its plastic construction does not require regular maintenance.

The skylight and window allow some natural light in and the vent offers decent air circulation. 

It is also not prone to erosion or termite infestations. Overall, this is a great shed to store your bicycles outdoors. You could DIY your bike storage but for a few hundred dollars we feel this offers a far better solution.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable

The Rubbermaid Outdoor Slide-Lid Storage Shed is great for storing your bicycles outdoors. It's a little pricey but it's solidly built and has enough space to store a few bicycles.

The plastic moldings seem like they should have a long life. We love how easily this shed goes together.

It is easy to assemble by yourself, and all of the pieces slide and lock together. It should only take about 15 minutes to put it together.

The lid stays open by itself. It comes with metal rods that hold it open. The front two-panel doors can be easily swung open to store bicycles horizontally. The doors are also lockable for extra security.

This Rubbermaid is built to last a long time, even in harsh climates like the humidity of the deep south or the moist, foggy weather on the Pacific coast.

It doesn't appear that it will leak, and should hold up nicely even during rainstorms. There's no need to worry about the wind affecting the shed. Once you have your bikes inside the added weight and profile of the design should have it stand up to some strong wind.

The shed has an attractive design and will blend in beautifully with your backyard. This Rubbermaid will make an excellent outdoor bicycle storage shed.

What We Like:

  • Easy Assembly
  • Durable

The Suncast 5' x 3' Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed offers 70 cubic feet of storage and is perfect for holding up to 2 adult bikes. 

It's easy to assemble. The instructions are self-explanatory, and when completed, it's roomy and holds more than you would think. The lid seems to have a habit of being a little off-center, but if you give it a good push, it'll fit just fine.

This is a great shed to keep your bikes safe and free up some room in your garage or house.  It's very sturdy and it looks charming in the yard once it is assembled.

If you have a family of bicyclists, the good news is you could fit about 4-5 bikes in this shed. The front doors open and swing all the way back making it easy to get the bicycles in and out.

We like that the lid stays open with a hydraulic arm that is very sturdy. Getting your bikes in and out will be a breeze. The floor piece is kind of thin, so be sure it sits on a flat, even surface.

It's beveled at the front to shed rain away so it doesn't seep in under the doors. The walls are sturdy, thick, and durable enough to stand up to really bad weather. This is one of the best bicycle storage sheds for the money.

What We Like:

  • Plenty of space - holds 2 adult bikes
  • Easy to get bikes in and out
  • Attractive, sturdy design

The YardStash IV can be the near-perfect solution for storing your bicycles and accessories. This bicycle storage tent is ideal for people with small backyards and limited space.

The best part is you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars either. It's really easy to set up but you may need a second pair of hands.

The YardStash IV is great if you're looking for more protection than a simple cover but you don't want a more permanent shed in your yard.

The YardStash and accessories come in a handy storage bag, so if you plan on moving it a lot, this is a nice touch.

Even though it seems small, you should be able to fit a couple of bicycles in this shed tent. It will fully protect your bicycles from the rain, sun, and all of the other elements.

Once you have it secured with the provided stakes, and weigh it down a bit, the YardStash is very stable.

What We Like:

  • Low cost bicycle storage / protection
  • Suitable for people with limited space
  • Easy to set up

This Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Shed offers outdoor storage for multiple bikes as well as other equipment.

It comes with multi-walled polypropylene resin panels. The panels ensure long-lasting strength and stability.

Its heavy-duty floor is designed to withstand abuse from the elements and any unwanted guests. We love that it features a padlock hasp that allows the doors to lock securely.

This shed goes together smoothly, and the instructions are very clear. This Suncast shed has a great design and only comes with a few screws.

This bicycle shed is pretty solid as long as you build it on a level surface. The most important thing to remember is your foundation has to be level and solid.

There's enough room in this shed to fit four adult bicycles as well as a bike bump. If you put much more than that in there, things won't be as accessible.

And, if you have to abide by an HOA, this shed is low enough that you can't see it over a privacy fence.

What We Like:

  • Small and spacious
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Easy Assembly

The YardStash III is a great space-saving alternative to a full size shed. It is 74" x30" x65" and can hold up to three bicycles.

What's the difference between the YardStash III and Yardstash IV ? The Yardstash IV is made entirely from vinyl tarpaulin while the III has a vinyl tarpaulin roof and PVC lined polyester body. The YardStash IV offers an extra 2 inches in depth.

The slightly reduced durability and size is worth it if you're looking for a lighter weight, cheap bike storage shed.

It has a water-shedding design to keep everything dry as well. It comes with full tip and bottom zippers on the door to provide a complete seal.

We love that it can withstand the snow, rain, and wind. It also protects against water, dust, and pests.

The material is more durable than it looks, and it goes together quickly.  If you travel a lot with your bikes, you can use the YardStash III to store your bicycles while you're away. Excellent bike storage at home and away.

It's very lightweight so you can put it and move it whenever you want. The YardStash III also takes up a lot less space than a storage shed.

If you're looking for a small space to store your bicycles outdoors, the YardStash III is for you.

What We Like:

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Transportable

The Quictent heavy duty bike storage tent is intended as a temporary garage for your motorbike. It works really well for outdoor bicycle storage. It comes with a TSA code lock so you can keep your bicycle secure without having to put a lockable shed up.

It's made from heavy-duty 600D Oxford Fabric PU for full weather and UV protection. It has ventilation windows protected by roll up tie flaps which allows for any moisture inside the tent to dry up.

Our favorite part is that no tools are required for assembly. And, an easy to read instruction sheet is included in the package for your convenience. Easy to set up, and most people can do it on their own.

This outdoor bicycle storage shed has an excellent space-saving design. It can easily hold two adult bicycles. It also comes with a carrying bag if you plan on traveling with it.

This tent can easily fit on your patio or back porch. Overall, a very well designed and constructed storage option for your bicycle.

What We Like:

  • Space-saving design
  • Lockable
  • Heavy-duty materials

If you're looking for a very attractive shed with loads of storage for your bicycles and other equipment then this is your best bet.

The thing we like the most about the Suncast Cascade Storage Shed are the windows that provide natural light. It makes a big difference if you're trying to find things in the shed or if you're doing some quick bike maintenance. 

The door opening is 60 inches by 76 inches. This gives you plenty of room to get your bikes in and out.

This Suncast also has a padlock hasp that allows doors to lock securely. Most people can install the shed by themselves, only needing a few hours to do it.

As far as outdoor bicycle storage goes, this is one of the most aesthetically appealing options available.

It can stand up to rainy and windy days and keep everything inside dry. It's incredible how easily the pieces of the shed slide together. It's not the cheapest bike shed but it is one of the best outdoor bicycle storage shed solutions we've seen.

What We Like:

  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Very spacious
  • Windows offer natural light

This Lifetime Outdoor Storage shed packs a low maintenance design. It is UV-protected to prevent weather damage.

It is also backed by a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty, which provides peace of mind.

The high pitched steel-reinforced roof on this bicycle storage shed allows for the quick drainage of rain and snow. The heavy-duty trusses provide additional strength for the roof.

This Lifetime storage shed comes with a lot of extras, including one full-length skylight, two screened vents, one 30" x 10" shelf, two corner shelves, and flooring.

Like many of the other sheds, it needs to be installed on a level surface to be sure everything lines up the right way. Very easy to put together and it's sturdy enough to store your bicycles safely.

And, it's surprisingly stylish. We love that it comes with a skylight to provide some extra light on the inside. Another great thing about this outdoor bicycle storage shed is how great this company is on customer support. 

What We Like:

  • Very durable
  • Stylish
  • Very Spacious

Team Obsidium Cheap Outdoor Bike Storage

This heavy duty cover is a great option if you're looking for the cheapest outdoor bike storage solution that will still withstand the weather.

It's not as secure as a bike shed but it will offer protection from the elements. It offers enough space for storing two bikes if you point them in opposite directions.

Make sure you check the different sizing options. If you get the right size you'll be able to cover your bikes completely, including the wheels, from top to bottom.

The bike cover comes in a handy carry bag so it's a good storage solution if you're staying over somewhere other than home with your bikes.

Besides the size options you also get an option that offers protection while transporting your bikes on your car roof.

The fabric is a strong ripstop material that offers really good water protection as well as UV protection. We like that there are lock holes at the bottom of the cover to secure your bike and the cover when unattended.

Outdoor Bike Storage Shed Buyers Guide 

When picking out your bicycle storage shed, the following are some of the factors to consider. This will ensure you get the right bike storage shed that suits your needs.

Where Will You Store Your Bike Storage Shed?

It's important to choose the best place for your bike's outdoor storage unit. You need to keep two things in mind when you are deciding where to put it.

First, be sure to choose an area that thieves will have the most difficulty accessing. A fenced-in yard with a lockable gate, if available, is a better choice than an un-fenced side yard.

The second thing to keep in mind is the shed's visibility from your home. It's going to be ideal to be able to glance out a window and ensure that the door is still closed and to spot any suspicious activity.

If someone wants to break into the unit, they'll have to do it in plain sight of your house. This alone can be a powerful crime deterrent.

A heated garage is always your best option but if you must store your bikes outdoors then put the shed where it will experience the most protection from the weather.

How Much Space Is Available?

The first thing you need to do is consider the amount of available space you have for your shed. Not everybody has the same amount of space, which is why you need to be sure that the shed you choose is going to fit in your yard, patio, or deck.

Most people need an outdoor bicycle storage shed that can get the job done while still being compact enough to fit comfortably in a small space.

It might be worth considering spending a bit more to get a bigger shed. That way you can also store your lawn mower and other garden equipment.

How Many Bikes Are You Storing?

Another thing to consider when choosing a bike storage shed is how many bikes are going to be stored in it.

Storing more than one bike will require more space compared to storing just one bike. Opting for a vertical storage shed is an ideal choice if you are looking to store more than one bike since they don't take much space.

If you have the space for a larger shed, you will have plenty of options and the versatility of being able to store other equipment too.

What Material Should You Choose For Your Bicycle Storage Shed?

Once you know how much space you have, and you've decided on the right size for the bicycle shed, you can choose the construction material.

Bicycle sheds are made from various materials including, metal, wood, and PVC, all of which come with certain pros and cons.

The bulk of the sheds we talked about earlier are made of plastic. One of the most important things to consider when you are choosing the material of your bicycle shed is the climate where you live.


Lower-grade wood is pretty cheap, and it often blends in well with other structures. Wood also offers a certain measure of aesthetic to your property.

The biggest downfall of wood is the potential for it to rot or decay. It takes a lot more maintenance to ensure that your wooden bicycle storage shed is protected from rot, termites, and other damage.

If you neglect the upkeep of a wood shed, you will likely be in the market for a new shed very soon.


Metal benefits come with various benefits. For starters, they can stand up to fire much better than a wooden shed.

Metal sheds tend to be the most durable choices for your bike storage shed. You don't have to worry about rot or decay with a metal storage shed. You do have to worry about rust.

You have to be sure to keep your metal bike shed painted and treated to avoid losing it to rust.

And keep in mind that all metal units won't be created equally. A metal shed with lower quality metal won't be as durable as one with higher quality metal. Metal and aluminum sheds are also more prone to dents.


Our favorite thing about a plastic bicycle storage shed will probably be how low maintenance they are.

You don't have to worry about rust, rot, decay, or termite infestations. And they tend to be the cheapest options available.

Plastic buildings tend to be a little less secure than metal or wood, but most plastic sheds come with a way to lock them up.

Make sure the materials are UV treated so they don't fade in the sun.


The first thing most people look at when shopping for anything is the price tag. The cost of your outdoor bicycle storage shed will vary depending on the size you need and the material you choose.

Premium brands also come with a premium price since they typically use high-quality materials with their sheds. With that said, you can find a quality bike storage shed from some little or lesser-known brands as well.

Another determining factor for the price of your bicycle storage shed are the features that come with its design.

Like anything else, the more features it has, the higher the price is going to be. If you don't need anything fancy and just need something small to keep your bikes in, then one of the tent-like vinyl sheds should do the trick.

If you've got money to spare, then it's best to go with one of the larger, high-quality outdoor bicycle sheds that we talked about that's bound to last longer.


Outdoor bike storage sheds are a great way of keeping your bikes safe from the elements if you don't have space for your bikes somewhere else.

No matter what material you choose, you need to be sure the outdoor bicycle storage shed you choose offers ample protection for your bike.

It should also be designed in a way, so it doesn't take up much space, especially if your space is limited.

The price of the storage sheds will vary depending on the construction quality, size, and brand.

It's best to do your research into the brands offering outdoor bike storage sheds before making a decision. The sheds in the reviews above are the best outdoor bicycle storage sheds for the money.

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