Quiet Dehumidifier Reviews – Quietest 2023 Models

Dehumidifiers should be seen and not heard. We've reviewed quiet dehumidifier options that have the lowest noise levels while still offering great humidity control.

The quietest dehumidifier in our list is the DD122EA from EcoSeb. The Frigidaire FFAD5033R1 comes in a close second with a larger 50 pint per day moisture removing capacity.

Quietest dehumidifier

The rest of the silent dehumidifiers we reviewed below are all quiet enough to be used in your bedroom without disturbing your sleep.

If your dehumidifier dries the air out like a pro but makes a noise while doing it then it can become annoying pretty quickly.

If you’re using it as a basement dehumidifier then you’re probably not concerned with the noise the compressor makes. If it’s in your bedroom or living room then it’s important to get the best quiet dehumidifiers.

When it comes to really silent dehumidifiers then the desiccant type are your best bet. Because they don't have a compressor they have the lowest noise output. These can be pricey, especially if you’re looking for one with a decent capacity.

There are some silent dehumidifier options of the compressor type as well though. If you’re looking for the quietest dehumidifier, one that you’ll hardly hear, then check out our best quiet dehumidifier reviews below.

Quiet Dehumidifier Reviews

What is the quietest dehumidifier?

When it comes to dehumidifiers quietest doesn't always mean best. We've reviewed the 5 quietest dehumidifiers that actually do a good job of removing moisture from the air.

These units have the lowest noise output and are the best quiet dehumidifiers for the money.

1. EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Quiet Desiccant Dehumidifier, 15-Pint

When it comes to being whisper quiet then the DD122EA-SIMPLE from EcoSeb is the best combination between being really quiet while still being effective.

Being a desiccant dehumidifier means there’s no compressor so if you manage to hear anything at all it’s only the fan. The absence of a compressor also makes it ideal to use in unheated rooms that experience temperatures in the low 30's.

At low fan speed the sound level is at a really low 34dB which is lower than anything else we’ve seen.

At high fan speed it only gets up to 51dB. This low noise figure makes it perfect for the bedroom. It doesn’t compromise on performance either and it’ll easily get your humidity down to around 45%.

The filter is really easy to remove and simple to clean as well. It has an auto-restart function so it will start up automatically with all your settings after a power failure.

This unit is a great choice if you're looking for quiet dehumidifiers for bedrooms or even as a small bathroom dehumidifier. While some desiccant dehumidifiers can be a little on the expensive side this one is really well priced and the quietest unit we reviewed with a really low sound output.

Shhh. Did you hear that? Probably not. The spot for quietest dehumidifier is almost a dead heat between this 70-pint dehumidifier and the one above. 

These compressor based units are ultra quiet dehumidifiers and they work extremely well and have extremely low noise output levels.

What really makes this unit stand out is that it has adjustable fan speeds.

This means that when you want it to work hard you can turn it up and when you want it to be quieter you can turn the fan speed down. The control panel is clear and simple to operate.

At high fan speed the noise level is 52dB which is really quiet compared to other big brand units.

The bucket pulls out conveniently from the front but it also has a continuous drain option if you connect a hose to the outlet at the back. Besides this 70 pint per day unit it also comes in 30 and 50 pints per day capacities.

This makes it ideal as a quiet basement dehumidifier. The castor wheels and handles make it really easy to move around too. It's Energy Star rated too so it's very energy efficient. 

Not only does this efficient dehumidifier get rid of humidity in a hurry, it also does it really quietly

And for a bedroom dehumidifier quietest is best.

At high fan speed the noise level is about 52dB. It will remove 50 pints of water a day from a space of up to 3000 feet which makes it perfect for an open plan living space.

It also supports continuous drain function if you connect a hose (not supplied) to the outlet.

It doesn’t have a built in pump so you have to rely on gravity and make sure the end of the hose is lower than the outlet.

The auto-restart function means that it will start up again with your settings after a power failure without you having to touch it. This unit offers excellent humidity control.

If you’re trying to remove water from the air in an area up to 4,500 square feet and you want to do it quietly then this is the piece of equipment you need. 

When the fan is running at high speed it only generates around 55dB of noise which is really quiet.

It has a Turbo mode which shifts air at 188 CFM (cubic feet per minute). It's a little louder then but handy if you need to reduce moisture in the air quickly.

While this unit doesn’t make a lot of noise it is really effective. It’s fairly compact and, while it isn’t the lightest, the castors do make it easy to move around from room to room.

The controls are easy to use and the auto-reset function means it will start up after a power failure with the settings you entered.

In "continual mode" it will keep running regardless of the humidity level. If you take it off that mode it will switch itself off once it reaches the humidity level you enter via the controls.

Once the tank is full it will shut itself off. It's really easy to get the reservoir out to dump it and the handle is a nice touch. Once you slide the emptied reservoir back in it starts up automatically.

It also allows for continuous drain operation by connecting a hose (not included) to the outlet. It doesn't have a built-in pump so you'll need to rely on gravity and have the hose lie into a drain.

It’ll keep working even if the temperature gets down to a little below 40 degrees so it’s a good option for an unheated garage or basement as well.

If you're looking for a quieter option to use as a bedroom dehumidifier then consider the 22-pint or 35-pint models.

All are Energy Star rated so their efficient operation won't add much to your energy bill. The design is also sleek and attractive. No need to hide this unit.

While it’s not as quiet as the other units we reviewed this Energy Star dehumidifier is a great compromise between quiet operation and effective moisture control.

At high fan speed the noise level is 58.5dB which is still way below the dehumidifier noise output of a lot of other top brand dehumidifiers.

It will switch off automatically when the bucket is full and indicate that it needs emptying. It also has a built-in pump if you prefer to attach a hose to the outlet.

The pump makes it possible to pump away the water by running the hose (supplied) up through a window or into a sink. This way you never have to empty the bucket.

The controls allow for setting the desired humidity level to between 35% and 85% in increments of 5%. This unit is also Energy Star rated so it's very efficient.

Quiet Dehumidifier - Noise Sources

If you're looking for a really quiet dehumidifier then it's important to identify and eliminate the sources of the noise.

Because every effective dehumidifier will generally have some moving parts you can't eliminate every source of sound but you can reduce their noise output. Here are the main noise sources to focus on:

Compressor Noise - Compressor type dehumidifiers will be your loudest dehumidifier options but they are also the most effective.

If you want a very quiet dehumidifier while still being able to dehumidify a large space you've got to go with a compressor.

By making sure that the capacity of the dehumidifier isn't bigger than you need you limit the size, and noise, of the dehumidifier. The size of the compressor is really dependent on the humidity level you're dealing with. Check out our guide on choosing the right size dehumidifier.

Desiccant Dehumidifier - With no compressor these are the most silent dehumidifier options available. These are also great dehumidifiers to use in really cold weather.

Regardless of the fact that there's no compressor you're still going to hear it a little bit because of the fans. It won't pull the pints per day that a compressor will but it's a lot quieter.

Fans - Whether the dehumidifier has a compressor or not, it will have a fan. A good quality fan with decent bearings will be pretty quiet but you'll still hear it a little.

Buy a dehumidifier with multiple fan speed settings. That way you can select the slow speed when you want it to be really quiet or if the humidity level is fairly low.

Some dehumidifiers will have a turbo setting for the fan. This is great for removing moisture from air quickly but will sound louder. If you're using the dehumidifier in your bedroom then you'll need one with a low fan speed setting.

Louvres - If your dehumidifier has louvres that move automatically they can eventually make a slight squeak. If that's the case a drop of oil on the hinges should do the trick to make it quiet again.

You want to aim as close to the 50dB mark as possible without sacrificing capacity. At 60dB you're up to the kind of noise level equivalent to two people talking, or the kind of sound coming from a quiet generator.


Some people may say that there are quieter dehumidifiers with lower noise outputs available but the reviews above list quiet dehumidifiers that actually perform.

There’s no point buying one that you can’t hear if doesn’t work properly either. The best dehumidifiers may be really good at removing moisture from the air but aren't always the quietest.

If you absolutely need silence then get a desiccant dehumidifier but don’t expect it to work effectively in large open spaces unless you’re willing to spend some serious bucks.

The refrigerator (compressor) type options above are your best bet if you want a good compromise between silence and performance.

If you don’t want your peace disturbed by the sound of a compressor and fan then make sure you get a whisper quiet dehumidifier like the ones we recommend above.

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