Best Garage Dehumidifier For 2017 – Review And Buying Guide

Best Garage Dehumidifier - Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 - Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Controlling humidity in any room of your house can be tricky but managing the humidity in your garage can be particularly challenging. When you consider the value of the things you keep in your garage like your car, tools, equipment etc… it’s worth investing in the best dehumidifier for garage spaces.

There’s nothing quite like a damp garage to start these things rusting or growing mold and mildew. Buying a dehumidifier poorly suited to your needs will only run up your electricity bill while doing little to reduce the humidity in your garage.

With the right dehumidifier garage humidity is easily managed.

These are our top 5 picks for best garage dehumidifier and what to look out for when making your choice.

Best Garage Dehumidifier - Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 - Best Dehumidifier Reviews

Frigidaire makes great products and when it comes to dehumidifiers for garage use this 70-pint unit is easily our favorite. It comes on castors so it’s easy to move around and if you absolutely have to pick it up it also has handles on the top and sides.

The water collection container is easily accessible and the clearly marked level indicator makes it easy to see when it needs emptying.

If you connect a hose it also supports continuous drain functionality for true set and forget operation. Besides offering outstanding dehumidifying performance it also comes with a washable air filter that reduces bacteria and odors.

The electronic controls make it extremely easy to set your desired humidity setting. Not only is this ​a quiet dehumidifier but the Energy Star rating confirms that it’s also one of the most energy efficient. This is also happens to be our choice for the best dehumidifier for basement use.

Garage Dehumidifier - Keystone KSTAD50B

For the price it would be tough to find a better 50-pint dehumidifier than this one from Keystone. This unit will shift up to 50 pints of water a day in an area up to 3000 square feet which is pretty amazing.

The auto-defrost function means it’s a good choice as a dehumidifier for garage use if you expect your garage to experience a few cold mornings.

It also accommodates a hose (not supplied) for continuous drain operation. The auto-restart feature means you won’t need to go and restart it after a power outage.

The electronic controls are easy to use when setting your desired humidity level and the transparent water container makes it easy to check the water level. It’s Energy Star rated so it’s going to save you some bucks on your electricity bill as well.

We recommend attaching a standard garden hose to the outlet, set the unit up in a corner of your garage and then never worry about mold or rust in your garage again.

Garage Dehumidifier - Friedrich D70BP

This unit from Friedrich performs really well and the built-in drain pump is a deal clincher in our opinion.

While there are a number of other dehumidifiers that support continuous drain function they do require the end of the hose to be below the outlet for gravity to do its thing to shift the water.

The built-in drain pump in this unit means that you can have your hose going out a window or other exit point up to 15 feet above the outlet. It comes with castors and handles for easy positioning.

This unit is a great garage dehumidifier if your garage gets pretty cold as the auto defrost allows it to work in temperatures as low as 41 degrees. Setting the humidity set-point is a breeze and the electronic display will also show the current room temperature and humidity levels.

Garage Dehumidifier - DeLonghi DD50PE

This unit from DeLonghi works extremely well and has some great features.

Like the Friedrich unit, it has a built-in pump that will pump out the water through the supplied hose to a height of over 10 feet. This means you can put the hose through a window or into a basin and never have to worry to empty the water reservoir.

The auto defrost function means it will work down to a room temperature of 41 degrees.

If you experience a power failure the auto restart function means it will come back on automatically with your presets once the power is restored.

This is a great performer with a quiet and energy efficient fan and compressor.

Desiccant Dehumidifier - EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE

If you’re expecting your garage to regularly get down to close to freezing then you’re going to need a desiccant dehumidifier. This unit from EcoSeb will outperform larger capacity compressor / refrigerator type dehumidifiers with ease when it gets really cold.

It gets to work really quickly and you’ll be surprised at how fast the water starts to collect in the water tank. Its small size makes it a breeze to move to any trouble areas.

Energy efficiency is often a concern with desiccant dehumidifiers but this one has an efficiency comparable to other good compressor dehumidifiers. The lack of compressor also means that it’s a lot quieter than compressor type dehumidifiers.

Garage Dehumidifier - Ideal Humidity

The Goldilocks zone for humidity in a garage where the air is not too dry or too humid is between 40% and 50%. Any drier and your leather upholstery and wood finishes will start to deteriorate. Any more humid than this and rust and mildew will start to set in.

With this in mind it’s important to make sure you that when choosing a dehumidifier for garage use that you buy one that has a humidistat. This is a control that allows you to choose the humidity level.

If you’re only concerned with rust, mold and mildew then aim for somewhere around 45%. Besides the RH (Relative Humidity) you need to take into consideration the temperature or the air in the garage.

​Dehumidifier For Garage - Temperature Considerations

Simply asking "What is the best dehumidifier?" is not good enough. It's important to understand the conditions the room will experience. Most garages are not heated and the temperature of the space is key to choosing the right dehumidifier. If the temperature isn’t ever going to go below 60°F (16°C) then temperature isn’t too big of a concern. If your garage space gets cooler than this then you need to make sure your dehumidifier can be effective when it gets this cold. Refrigerant, or compressor, type dehumidifiers don’t work effectively below 60°F.

If frost forms on the evaporator coil then the compressor won’t turn on until the auto-defrost function of the dehumidifier gets rid of the frost. Some types make use of a fan to circulate the ambient air across the coils until the frost defrosts and only then will the unit start dehumidifying again. If the air temperature is closer to freezing then that fan can turn all day and never shift that frost and never kick the compressor on again to dehumidify the air.

In this case it’s important to choose a unit with hot gas defrost functionality. These units have the ability to blow heated air on the coils to defrost them so that the compressor can get going again. Dehumidifiers with the hot gas defrost function can be effective at temperatures just above freezing.

If you expect the temperature in the garage to regularly be just above freezing then a desiccant dehumidifier is the best choice. Instead of using refrigerant it uses desiccant material which absorbs moisture from heated air that is blow over it. These types use more electricity so they cost more to run but they are effective at low temperatures whereas the refrigerant type just won’t cut it.


In all cases it’s a good idea to choose a unit that has a continuous drain. If it just has a bucket where the water is collected then the dehumidifier will stop automatically when the bucket is full and will need periodic emptying. Getting a unit with automatic restart is also a good idea. This will enable the dehumidifier to start up automatically after a power cut.

When you consider the investment you’ve made in your car and tools then spending a couple of extra bucks to get the best garage dehumidifier makes perfect sense. After considering the size of your garage and the expected minimum temperature then you can’t go wrong with one of the options we’ve reviewed above.

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