Netflix India

So Netflix India has finally arrived. Is this such a big deal? Well, yes and no. People in India have been waiting for a long time to get access to Netflix in India but they were hoping for a lot more than what they got when it finally happened.

A lot of people in India were hoping that there would be more local content available on Netflix India but that was not to be. While Netflix have added some Hindi shows and they have said that they plan to expand their local content offering for now they will be showing mostly programming that comes straight out of the offerings that are currently available in the US.


The biggest disappointment with the launch in India is down to the amount of content available. The amount of content that Netflix have made available in India is only around 13% of what is available in the United States. This means that you pay almost the same as their subscribers in the US to receive a lot less. The reason for this is because of the high cost of licensing content. Netflix have to pay for content licenses on a per country basis. This means that even if they have paid for the license to show a movie or TV series in the US they would have to pay again to show it in India. You can see how this could get expensive pretty quickly. There’s another reason why certain shows aren’t available on Netflix India

A lot of the best shows on American Netflix were actually produced by Netflix themselves under their “Netflix Original” banner. While Netflix wasn’t available in countries like India before they would sell the rights to these shows to networks in those countries. Now that Netflix have come to India they aren’t able to provide these shows on their service because they have been licensed to other players in the Indian media.

While this all sounds like doom and gloom it doesn’t have to be. For a long time now people have been using VPN’s and Smart DNS service providers to watch American Netflix in India. The good news is that it is even easier to sign up now than before. There is no need for fake zip codes or workarounds to make payments to Netflix. Simply sign up and then use this solution to watch American Netflix in India.

The Smart DNS will make it appear that you are accessing Netflix from America and then you will have access to over 80% more content than what is available on Netflix India currently. What’s even better is that you will be able to change your region to any one of the supported Netflix regions and will then be able to watch content that is often only available in that country. So go sign up for Netflix India but make sure you access all their content.

Netflix South Africa

Watching Television has been a past time for generations and never before has mankind had an abundance of programs, movies and documentaries to watch as we have today. One of the main reason for the plethora of content is because of companies like Netflix who, while starting as a DVD rental company, make the majority of their money by streaming their content online. The problem is that Netflix only make their service available in certain countries and South Africa isn’t one of them.

Netflix South Africa

The offerings in South Africa are pretty thin. Between the free options of public broadcast television, the high cost of satellite services like DSTV and the poor offerings from the latest South African streaming companies like Showmax, there’s not a whole lot to choose from. Well, maybe there is a lot too choose from but it’s all pretty much rubbish. Netflix shines like a beacon of entertainment in an unattainable promised land. Fortunately for all the television junkies in South Africa there is actually a way to watch Netflix in South Africa. While NETFLIX South Africa has been spoken about and promised for ages, if you don’t feel like waiting and want to watch today this is how you can do it.

One way is to use American DNS codes to watch American Netflix anywhere. Free DNS codes can be found online but they often expire or start redirecting to dodgy websites in an attempt to get some money out of your pockets. The other way is to use a VPN but this option can be a bit slow and because VPN’s aren’t always very smart it can result in all of your traffic being routed through the VPN and not only the data streamed from Netflix.

The other way to watch Netflix in South Africa is to use a smart DNS service. There are plenty to choose from such as Unblock-US, Smart DNS Proxy and many others. These are paid services but they really aren’t expensive and they provide a great service. Besides Netflix, using a smart DNS will also make it possible to access many other geographically restricted services such as Hulu, Pandora and others. For now this also appears to be the best solution to watch Netflix in South Africa.

Dieta Da Proteina

A perda de peso com a dieta da proteína está se tornando uma abordagem universal para entrar em grande forma com pessoas de todo o mundo a tentar esta nova dieta. Bem, para chamá-lo de uma nova dieta não é exatamente correto, porque os benefícios de um carb baixo, ou carb lento, dieta têm sido falado por um número de pessoas a partir de algum tempo. Só muito recentemente é que os nutricionistas e os chamados especialistas começaram a subir a bordo e começou a aprovar esta abordagem para perda de peso.


Não existe apenas um tipo de dieta rica em proteínas embora. Diferentes pessoas têm diferentes abordagens e crenças sobre o que funciona eo que não funciona. Alguns dizem que você não deve ter nenhum carboidratos em sua dieta em tudo, enquanto outros aconselham carboidratos limitados com foco em carboidratos de baixo índice glicêmico. Algumas dietas têm assumir os nomes das pessoas associadas com uma variante particular da dieta como a dieta Banting ou a Dieta Dukan.

Qualquer abordagem que você escolher seria sempre uma boa idéia para primeiro consultar o seu médico e discutir o que muda você antecipar fazer a sua dieta. Este é especialmente o caso se você pretende começar a utilizar alguns dos produtos naturais para emagrecer que estão atualmente disponíveis.

Quando pensamos em corpos de praia de forma muitas vezes nós pensamos dos corpos de bronze bronzeado em praias como os do Brasil. Quando você olhar para as dietas típicas de pessoas no Brasil a dieta da proteína começa a fazer sentido e torna-se fácil ver por que tantas pessoas estão começando a ir nesta dieta, em vez de muitos dos outros modismos que pode ter tentado ou ouvido falar.

A outra coisa que torna este programa de perda de peso tão popular é que muitos têm dito que é mais fácil de manter do que muitas outras dietas. Em uma dieta de alta proteína normalmente você vai achar que você não fique tão com fome e você não obter os desejos, como você faria em algumas outras dietas. Nós pensamos que se você tentar a dieta de proteína você definitivamente vai ver bons resultados.

Protein Diet

Many people around the world are becoming more conscious of their health and are looking for effective ways to trim down and lose weight. There are so many different diets being promoted these days that it can be a little difficult to make a good choice. Much of the weight loss advice that is given is contrary to medical opinion from a little while ago. Many diets say exactly the opposite of what other diets do. We hope to remove some of the doubt and confusion by giving clear advice regarding weight loss methods using a high protein diet. A lot has been written in medical and nutrition forums about the benefits of low carb, high protein diets and from the results we have seen we have to agree. This is the easiest and most effective way we have found to lose weight fast.

Watch this space for more great info on the Protein Diet.